Warm and Cozy: Where to Place Wood Stoves in Your Home

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Warm and Cozy: Where to Place Wood Stoves in Your Home

Wood-burning stoves make any place homey. You will be relocated back to your home for as long as you see one, no matter where you are. This feeling might be why they are popular. Although they have their hazards, they are still a great source to heat your home or any other place domesticated.

Unlike gas and electric stoves, a wood stove is convenient to heat your home, especially when you have a woodshed near your yard. Since they can harness the sun rays and the heat it gives off, the blue flame from the stove is just enough to heat your house during the winter.

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With all the benefits, we face the dilemma of where to place the stove. Thankfully, this article will help you solve this age-old puzzle. 

How Many Rooms Should Be Heated 

Putting your wood stove near the centre of the family room is a good idea. This way, you can heat all the rooms in the house. 

The room where you place the stove would be the one you want to warm the most. If you are going to heat the entire house, you might have a hard time bringing the heat. Even then, try to put the stove in the centre of the house and let the heat spread.

Gather your friends and loved ones in the living room while the warmth spreads to the other rooms. You can relax and enjoy the stove’s heat while chatting with the family. The rest of the house would be warmed by your stove.

The kitchen is also a great place to put your stove. During breakfast time, all the family members gather in the kitchen. This time is a great time to warm the area up. You can also cook using the stove.

Consider How the Temperature Will Affect Drafts

The draft that comes from the stove door can push the heat from your room. It is recommended that you place a fan near the stove. This way, you can balance the temperature.

The draft would also diminish once you place the stove at a low end of your room. If the place where you will put the stove faces the outside, you might have a draft. It is the reason why the furnace cannot function well.  

Try to move the stove near the centre of the room. This way, you can minimize the draft in the room and let the stove function more efficiently. To avoid moving your stove, you might want to cover the gaps in your windows. Thus, you can create better heat.

Nowhere Near Combustibles

The best place to put your stove is nowhere near anything that can catch fire. Avoid placing the stove near curtains, walls, and woodwork. It was already mentioned that wood-burning stoves still produce smoke, and you do not want to be putting it near anything that would catch fire easily.  

Try to place the stove near the centre of your room. This way, you can watch the furnace and ensure it does not cause any trouble. There is a gap between the stove and the ceiling. The gap is used for the smoke to get out of the room.


Wood-burning stoves are not just for the outdoors. You can use it inside the house, but you must be careful about where to place it. These tips will help you place your stove without any problems. You just have to remember to keep it from your curtains and other things that can easily catch fire.

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