Why You Should Be Using Seasoned Firewood for Your Stove

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Why You Should Be Using Seasoned Firewood for Your Stove

Do you have a wood stove or fireplace? If so, you have to make sure you are using the right kind of wood. Using seasoned firewood is key to maximising your stove’s efficiency.

The term “seasoned firewood” refers to any hardwood that has been dried to a moisture percentage lower than 20%.

How much of a difference does it make to use seasoned wood? An ineffective fire will not heat your home, but an efficient, attractive, and clean fire would. Your wood-burning stove will run more efficiently if you use wood with the proper moisture content.

Why You Should Be Using Seasoned Firewood for Your Stove

This article will discuss the necessity of using good, seasoned firewood with low moisture content.

Efficient Wood Burning

You may improve the efficiency of your wood-burning stove by using seasoned firewood.

Water evaporation from wood consumes energy that may otherwise be utilised to heat your house. The wetter the wood, the lower the efficacy of your fire. Using unseasoned wood with a moisture content of 40% will reduce your total efficiency by as much as 50%.

Easy Startups

One of the most common concerns we hear about wood stoves is the work required to fire them up. Wet firewood takes significantly longer to ignite than dry firewood because it requires more energy to get rid of the moisture. 

All of the water must be pushed out of the wood before it can burn. When starting a fire with damp wood, you’ll need more kindling—and maybe many attempts—to get the timber heated enough to keep it going.

Clean Burn with Fewer Pollutants

Wet wood is not only difficult to ignite, but it also produces more smoke and soot when it heats up. Smouldering flames release hazardous contaminants into your house. The pollutants produced are more dangerous the wetter the wood is. These dangerous contaminants are reduced by seasoning wood.

Less Smoke Byproduct

If you have glass near your stove or fireplace, using unseasoned wood isn’t doing it any favours either. Unseasoned wood smoke byproducts might cling to the glass. This obstructs the view of the flames.

Preventing Chimney Fires

Because creosote has the potential to cause chimney fires, it is a significant safety problem for wood stove users. Creosote buildup is unavoidable. Thus, frequent chimney inspections and cleanings from stove installers and maintenance professionals are essential. 

Burning damp wood accelerates creosote production, increasing the likelihood of a chimney fire. Using seasoned wood with the proper moisture content for firewood will help keep you and your family safe.

How Can You Tell If Your Wood Is Seasoned?

In seasoned firewood, the colour is typically faded, and noticeable cracking may appear. 

We strongly advise all wood-burning stove owners to use a moisture meter while storing their fuel. Moisture meters are available to determine the moisture level of your firewood quickly. Simply split a piece of wood and use a moisture meter to ensure it is under 20% moisture content before burning.

If you don’t have a moisture meter, there are a few additional options for determining whether or not your firewood has been properly seasoned. As seasoned firewood loses moisture, it gets a faded appearance, generally grey or yellow. 

Furthermore, seasoned firewood is lighter than wet firewood because it contains no water.


In conclusion, you must use only seasoned firewood to ensure that your home is adequately heated. Using unseasoned firewood is not only inefficient, but it can also be dangerous to your health and safety.

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