Why Are Wood-Burning Stove Heat Shields Essential?

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Why Are Wood-Burning Stove Heat Shields Essential?

If you plan on installing a wood-burning stove in your home, you might have heard others encouraging you to install a heat shield as well. Is that a mandatory move? Why is it necessary? Let this article tell you more about the role of heat shields on wood-burning stoves.

Why Are Wood-Burning Stove Heat Shields Essential?

What Is a Wood Burning Stove Heat Shield?

A wood-burning stove heat shield is a barrier that covers the wood-burning stove. It is installed in front of the appliance to protect a room’s wall, floor, and nearby furniture from the stove’s heat. As a rule, heat shields are made of metal or concrete and are covered with protective paint.

Purpose of a Wood Burning Stove Heat Shield

The main two functions of a wood-burning stove heat shield are:

1. Protect Your Home’s Surrounding

A heat shield is designed to stop the heat from the stove from damaging the home’s surroundings. The appliance’s heat can be intense, primarily when the furnace is used for mass heating. 

Instead of spreading it outwards, heat shields are designed to reflect the stove’s heat towards the room. Such design helps keep the room warm and safe. It also reduces the risk of your home’s surroundings being affected by the heat.

2. Enhance the Stove’s Performance

A heat shield enhances the stove’s performance by reflecting more heat into the room. The stove becomes more efficient if it has a heat shield installed. Your new wood-burning stove will be able to heat the space more effectively, so your wood fuel supply will last longer.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Use Heat Shields?

1. Damage to the Wall

The wood-burning stove’s heat is intense. For example, a wood-burning stove with a 3.1 kW heating capacity can burn up to 3,295 BTU/h during operation. This intensity can quickly damage a room’s wall, floor, and furniture.

If you have a wood-burning stove without a heat shield, you will end up with a property damaged by heat. These include cracks, ink stains, and loose boards on the home features mentioned. 

2. Increased Energy Consumption

Replacing damaged walls, floors, and furniture takes time and money. The longer the damage stays, the more money you will spend replacing them. For example, you will have to pay for extra materials and labour to repair the damaged walls and floors.

Since wood-burning stoves are used for heating, you will likely use them for mass heating. If so, you will find yourself spending more money on wood fuel to keep the house warm.

3. Reduced Efficiency

If you do not use a heat shield, the stove’s performance will be reduced. Using a stove with a damaged wall, floor, and furniture will increase the chances of the stove malfunctioning. The stove will get damaged faster, thus reducing its heating capacity.

What Is the Ideal Height for a Heat Shield?

The ideal height for a heat shield is two inches above the top of the stove. If the heat shield is not mounted correctly, it will affect the stove’s performance. The heat shield will reflect less heat to the room, thus reducing its efficiency.

When installing a heat shield, make sure that it is mounted in a proper location. Otherwise, it will not be able to do its job. You will also risk your home’s surroundings being damaged.


Using a heat shield is recommended for all types of wood-burning stoves. It prevents the stove from damaging the home’s surroundings. It also enhances the stove’s performance by reflecting its heat to the room. If you have a wood-burning stove without a heat shield, it is recommended that you install one right away. Otherwise, you will risk damaging parts of your home and wasting your money.

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