What are the Common Causes and Prevention of Stove Smoking

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What are the Common Causes and Prevention of Stove Smoking

Wood burners are an excellent way to keep your home warm and cosy during winter. However, smoking is one of the most common problems associated with wood burners. Various factors can cause smoke to leak from a wood burner, and it is essential to understand these factors to prevent smoking. This article will discuss the common causes of stove smoking and provide some tips on preventing it.

What are the Common Causes and Prevention of Stove Smoking

Common Causes of Stove Smoking

Insufficient Air Supply

One of the most common causes of stove smoking is an insufficient air supply. When not enough air flows into the stove, the fire will not burn hot enough to combust the wood completely. Incomplete combustion will result in the production of smoke, which will be released into the room. To prevent this, ensure that the air vents on your stove are open and that the furnace has good airflow.

Wet or Unseasoned Wood

Wet or unseasoned wood is another common cause of stove smoking. When wood is not correctly seasoned, it contains a high moisture level. This moisture will evaporate when the wood is burned, resulting in the production of smoke. Only use dry, seasoned wood in your wood burner to prevent this. Ensure the wood is stored in a dry place and has been properly seasoned for at least six months.

Blocked Chimney

A blocked chimney is another common cause of stove smoking. If your chimney is blocked, the smoke will not be able to escape, resulting in it being pushed back into the room. A blocked chimney can be caused by various factors, including a build-up of soot and debris, birds’ nests or leaves and other debris. To prevent this, ensure that your chimney is cleaned regularly. A professional chimney sweep should clean your chimney at least once a year to prevent the build-up of soot and debris.

Poor Installation

If your stove has been poorly installed, this can also cause smoking. If the stove is not connected to the chimney correctly, the smoke will not be able to escape, resulting in it being pushed back into the room. To prevent this, ensure that your wood burner is installed by a professional installer who is qualified to do so. Ensure that the installer follows the manufacturer’s instructions and that the stove is connected to the chimney correctly.

Using the Wrong Fuel

Using the wrong fuel is another common cause of stove smoking. Using the wrong fuel, such as coal, in your wood burner can cause smoking. Coal burns at a much higher temperature than wood, and if you use coal in a wood burner, the temperature will be too high, producing smoke. To prevent this, only use the appropriate fuel for your wood burner.


Smoking from a wood burner can be caused by a variety of factors. It is important to identify the cause of the problem and take appropriate measures to fix it. The earlier you address the issue, the better, as continuous smoking can lead to long-term damage to your wood burner and your home’s air quality. By addressing these potential causes of wood burner smoking, you can enjoy a warm and cosy fire without the unwanted side effects of excessive smoke. Regular maintenance and proper usage will help ensure the longevity of your wood burner and the safety and comfort of your home.

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