3 Essential but Easy Tips for Cleaning a Wood-Burning Stove

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3 Essential but Easy Tips for Cleaning a Wood-Burning Stove

3 Essential but Easy Tips for Cleaning a Wood-Burning Stove – Wood burning stoves keep you and your family warm and cosy, but they can pose a serious fire hazard when improperly maintained. Maintenance is the key to avoid any health and safety hazards.

Some of the daily maintenance can be done by yourself. However, there are situations where an expert should be called. In this article, we are going to give you tips on cleaning and maintaining your wood-burning stove.

3 Essential but Easy Tips for Cleaning a Wood-Burning Stove

Sweep the Chimney

Sweeping the chimney must only be done by a professional. It is important to always sweep the chimney to remove any burnt residue and for the appliance to function correctly. Chimney sweeping requires knowledge and experience, so it must be done by a professional.

You can schedule a chimney sweeping twice a year. It all depends on the usage. If you frequently use the stove, you need to have it swept more than twice a year. Cleaning the chimneys can protect your family from ailments caused by the soot build-up.

It can also protect your family from fire hazards. Always ask the professional for advice so they can tell you the required sweeping frequency. 

Aside from cleaning the chimney, professionals will also conduct smoke tests to ensure your safety. They often check if the flow of gasses from the burning wood is safely released outside of the home. They will also check other safety-related issues, such as the smoke alarm, ventilation, CO, and many more. Afterwards, the professionals will give you a sweep Safe Certificate.

Maintenance of the Internal Components of a Stove

Stoves can last for a very long time, yet the internal components do not. They occasionally break due to their constant use. The doors to the stove may degrade while the hinges become loose. The castings can also crack.

As for the glass of the stove, it can become scratched or milky due to the constant use. It also takes a lot of time before the glass can be replaced by a new one since it is different from normal window glass. The glass for stoves is made from pyro ceramic, which can withstand heat. For these kinds of repairs and replacements, a professional is needed.

Clean the Wood-Burning Stove

There are certain situations where you can clean the stove by yourself. Start by removing the hot coals and wait for them to cool before you clean the wood-burning stove. Then sweep the ash every day to avoid any fire hazards in the future.

Clean the glass, so you can clearly see the flames when using the stove. Regularly check all the controls to ensure everything is working. As for the burning wood, use only seasoned or kiln-dried wood. The flue way must also be checked to ensure there isn’t any soot build-up. Lastly, schedule regular maintenance from a professional.

Final Thoughts

A burning stove can provide heat and warmth, especially during the winter months. Regular maintenance must be practised to ensure everyone’s safety. Work only with registered professionals since they have the knowledge and skills to handle the repair and maintenance of burning stoves.

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