The Hot Truths Behind Wood-Burning Stoves You Must Know

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The Hot Truths Behind Wood-Burning Stoves You Must Know

The Hot Truths Behind Wood-Burning Stoves You Must Know, now that the colder months of the year are upon us, keeping your home warm means keeping everyone comfortable. Considering this, you need to make sure that you have the most efficient heating unit for your abode. 

The conventional options are central heating units and boilers. However, there are other increasingly popular options such as wood-burning stoves.

These fireplace inserts are capturing the attention of many homeowners for various reasons. Aside from their visual appeal, wood stoves are also efficient and simply charming to witness. 

If you are exploring options and would like to know more about log burning stoves, you’ve come to the right place! Here are just a few of the many truths about these fireplace inserts that may help you decide. 

The Hot Truths Behind Wood-Burning Stoves You Must Know

They Are More Efficient Than Open Fires

If you simply want an occasional cosy blare, open fires may be sufficient. However, take note that they also provide certain disadvantages. 

Open fires are only around 20% efficient; most of the heat goes up the chimney. A log burning stove, on the other hand, burns at a much higher temperature and produces a thermal efficiency of around 80%. On top of that, it is less smoky and produces less ash. It is also safer as the fire is enclosed; effectively eliminating the risks of stray sparks or hot coals on the carpet. 

They Are Carbon Neutral 

Here’s a little fun fact for you: wood emits the same amount of carbon monoxide, regardless of whether it is burned or left to rot in the ground. This means that burning wood does not necessarily harm the environment. 

Furthermore, wood is considered a renewable source of energy. It comes from trees which could be easily grown. On top of that, wood products can be processed using less energy, carbon, and water compared to other raw materials. 

They Increase Your Energy Usage Awareness

Usually, owning a wood-burning stove entails growing, felling, chopping, storing and drying out the wood. Furthermore, as you start using your fireplace insert, you will realise that you need to burn a lot of wood to keep your home comfortably warm. 

This experience will naturally teach you the importance of using energy wisely. It will also inspire you to discover your own hacks to preserve energy. It could be as simple as wearing thicker clothing and using less wood, which is much better than wearing a T-shirt and using more wood! 

Owning a wood stove will make you more aware of the amount of energy used to heat your home—something which you may not have given much thought of before. 

There Are Many Reasons to Use A Wood-Burning Stove 

There are just a plethora of reasons why investing in a wood stove is worth it. Here are some of them: 

  • Wood is more cost-effective than other fuels. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, it is a renewable energy source. 
  • You can stay warm despite a boiler breakdown or power outage. Your wood stove can also serve as a reliable energy backup in these instances. 
  • Cutting and collecting timber is a good exercise—it can also be a way for you to bond with your family! 
  • Watching wood burning in the comfort of your own home (without stray sparks) can be truly relaxing. 

Log burning stoves are enjoying a surge in popularity recently, and for a good reason. These fireplace inserts are known to beautify different types of abodes and complement various interior designs. Most importantly, they provide an efficient and reliable way to heat homes without significantly harming the environment. 

We hope you were able to understand wood-burning stoves better with the items listed above. If you are interested in getting one for your home, get in touch with our professional stove fitters in Scotland today! With a variety of packages and installation options, we can help you get the perfect stove for you and your family. 

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