Steps to Successfully Light Your Stove for Beginners

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Steps to Successfully Light Your Stove for Beginners

Buying new appliances for your home is always an exciting feat. And when it comes to picking the right stove for your kitchen, going through its manual and reading through the instructions to properly turn it on always turns out to be a fuss.

That’s why to make it easier for you, we’ve provided the necessary steps you should take to operate your stove and light it up for the first time. Read on below.

Before anything else, make sure you first identify what kind of stove you have. If you’ve purchased a woodburning stove, you should make sure it’s connected to the hot water before lighting it up. Because if you don’t, it might cause your stove to malfunction which will just further ruin the boiler.

Steps to Successfully Light Your Stove for Beginners

Steps to Successfully Light Your Stove for Beginners

  1. The first step should be focused on ensuring your stove’s flue and air controls aren’t blocked. Opening them allows smoke to exit through them later on.
  2. Gather wood and newspaper and use a match or lighter to turn your stove on. If you’re dealing with a multi fuel stove, slowly adding wood and fuel to it will increase the strength of the flame.
  3. Once you’ve lit the fire, make sure to keep the stove’s door narrowly open so the flue can act as a guide during the lighting process. This will also keep the condensation from building up inside the glass. When you’ve finally gotten the fire going, slowly add more fuel to keep it steady and stable.
  4. You can now close the stove door and allow the heat to increase at its own pace. Since you’re dealing with a brand new stove, make it a habit to keep the temperature on low at least for a couple of days. This is so the stove’s glue and paint will settle completely.
  5. If in some cases you start to notice a pungent smell coming out of your stove, you should keep your windows wide open to keep it out of the room.
  6. You should never keep your stove on while your fire doors are ajar because it could end up deforming your door. You can only do so if the manufacturer of the stove states otherwise.

If you find yourself handling a pellet stove that has an automatic starter, you don’t have to do the whole process above. Instead, all you have to do is press a certain button to ignite the fire. This is because the stove uses electricity to light the fire. On the other hand, a manual pellet stove will require the use of matchsticks and ignition gel to light your stove.

Take note that woodburning stoves will need plumbing, woodburning cookers will need a quick inspection of the cooker itself, and pellet stoves make use of electricity supply to work. 

For all kinds of stoves, it’s necessary to keep them in low heat for the next few days once you’ve purchased them and figured out how to turn them on. Always make sure to ventilate the room properly to avoid accidents and health issues from arising.

You should also make sure to follow the steps provided as well as basic safety precautions like avoiding touching the stove when it’s hot or the careless mishandling of fire. This will ensure using your stove at its optimum potential. 


When buying a new stove, taking careful steps to ensure the safety of you and your family is important. This will not only lead you to avoid accidents and potential harm, but it will also encourage you to keep your stove well-maintained for the years to come.  

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