Should You Use Coal or Wood for Multi-Fuel Stoves?

Multi Fuel & Wood Burning Stoves


Should You Use Coal or Wood for Multi-Fuel Stoves?

Should You Use Coal or Wood for Multi-Fuel Stoves? – It can be exciting to get a stove system installed onto your space as it brings forth so many possibilities. The number of dishes that you can cook expands greatly. Plus, you can definitely feel much warmer and cosier with a stove without having to face a spike in your energy bills because of heaters.

Multi-fuel stoves are slowly gaining popularity as an alternative to wood-burning stoves, which are considered the standard when it comes to stove systems. This rise may be credited to the fact that multi-fuel stoves can burn coal and wood at the same time, as opposed to stoves that are only able to use wood.

However, considering that multi-fuel stoves can burn both coal and wood, this sparks questions about what kind of fuel you should use. Keep reading to learn whether one fuel source is better than the other for your stove system.

Should You Use Coal or Wood for Multi-Fuel Stoves?

Assessing the Options

Coal and wood each have their own perks. For example, there’s just an abundance of coal types. Normal coal, smokeless coal and more can be easily picked up from the store, meaning there’s no need to worry about supply. Most manufacturers of multi-fuel stoves will recommend smokeless coal the most to avoid the stove from getting clogged with gas and soot.

Wood can produce a lot more heat than coal, though there may be a bit more smoke and soot involved with your stove system. There should also be a regular supply of wood if you live in a rural area to buy it for cheap. You can go the old-fashioned route too, where you just head out, chop some lumber and bring it back home to keep warm.

Do note that wood-burning stoves are available if you’re hoping to solely burn wood. It stands to reason that multi-fuel stoves may be for coal rather than wood. Don’t just consider your various options for the fuel sources, but the stove systems themselves. Get in touch with a stove expert who can help you pick out and install the right stove for you.

Checking the Grate

Cooking grates are usually used in stove systems to help with whatever fuel source is being burned. Your multi-fuel stove may already come with its own grate, so be sure to check it and take it into consideration when picking a fuel source.

Coal is best-suited for raised grates, while wood may be better for flat grates, like what’s usually used for wood-burning stoves. It’s more likely the multi-fuel stoves will feature raised grates. You can consider changing the grates if that’s what you wish.

Understanding the Dangers

Remember to keep in mind that it’s best to stick to only one source of fuel. Even if multi-fuel stoves were made to accommodate both coal and wood, that doesn’t mean that you should use both simultaneously or interchange them regularly. It’s best to pick and just stick to one.

Avoid combining wood and coal, as well as take periods if you’re changing your fuel source. Anything short of that won’t bode well for your stove’s flue lining. You’d likely need some expert assistance to mitigate the issues that will arise because of it.


In summary, either fuel source can be used with a multi-fuel stove. However, coal seems like the better candidate than wood, solely because there are already wood-burning stoves on the market if you wish to use that fuel source instead.

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