Our Guide to Buying the Best Wood-Burning Stove For Your Home

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Our Guide to Buying the Best Wood-Burning Stove For Your Home

Centuries of winter passed by, and despite the world’s inevitable modernisation, home appliances like wood-burning stoves are making a strong comeback as it has a legacy that its newer counterparts have yet to achieve. Of course, modern wood-burning stoves are made with a contemporary twist as it features energy-efficient and eco-friendly performance.

Buying the right wood-burning stove for your home isn’t a decision you can do on a whim. While it’s true that newer models promise high efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and a cleaner burning rate, several factors can lead a wood-burning stove to burn your pockets instead of warming up your home. 

So, before you buy the next wood-burning stove you see in the market, take the time to consider what type, size, and features are suitable for your home’s unique needs.

Exploring Factors to Take Into Account When Buying the Right Wood-Burning Stove 

Factor #1: Wattage 

Wood-burning stoves are undoubtedly more efficient compared to their older counterparts, but they can still waste your energy consumption if you choose a stove with the wrong wattage for your home. 

A wattage that is too high won’t do anything to conserve your home’s energy consumption, while too little wattage will lack the power to effectively keep your space cosy for the colder months ahead. 

In either scenario, you’d end up with less-than-desirable electric bills to deal with, so be sure to choose the optimal wattage for your home. You can calculate the estimate by multiplying the height, width, and length of the room before dividing the result by 14. 

Keep in mind that you should compute using metres to end up with the kW that meets the BTU needs of your home!

Factor #2: Fuel 

Wood-burning stoves can run on different kinds of eco-friendly fuel — from wooden logs, smokeless coal, wood pellets, and more. If you’re planning on experimenting with different fuels, it’s better to opt for a multi-fuel wood-burning stove. However, don’t forget to consider your storage space too! 

Logs can take up plenty of walking space, so other options like coals and wood pellets may be better for you. Other options may not be the best at lowering your carbon impact, though smokeless fuel alternatives can do better at improving your home’s indoor air quality.

For wood-burning stoves, you just have to focus on one key quality of your fuel: the size of your logs! Some models support up to 18-inch logs only, while others can reach 22-inch wooden logs. 

Factor #3: Features 

In addition to the wood-burning stove’s heat output, log size, and fuel consumption, you can also consider different add-ons that may enhance the stove’s performance. Some additional features include side windows, a built-in fuel store, a hotplate for cooking, cool-touch handles, a riddling gate for easy ash removal, or a sophisticated air wash system. 

More doesn’t always mean better, so think about what your home needs before adding these upgrades to your wood-burning stove. Some can make it easier to handle your wood-burning stove, while others will only be a waste of space and money. Choose wisely!

The Bottom Line: A Basic Wood-Burning Stove Buying Guide

Just like any other appliance in your home, you need to carefully choose the best features your wood-burning stove needs for it to effectively brighten and warm up your space. 

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