Our Guide on the Best Fuels for Multi-Fuel Stoves

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Our Guide on the Best Fuels for Multi-Fuel Stoves

Multi-fuel stoves are an efficient way to bring heat into the home. It is also a popular choice among many homeowners because they can fuel the fire conveniently with different fuels. However, some owners believe that one or two fuel sources are superior to others. This essentially begs the question: Which is the best fuel for your multi-fuel stove? 

This guide will discuss different types of fuel sources for multi-fuel stoves. The main goal is to make efficient use of your unit and consider expert solutions to maximise its use. 

Our Guide on the Best Fuels for Multi-Fuel Stoves

Considering Smokeless Fuels 

One of the most preferred choices today for multi-fuel stove users is smokeless fuels since they don’t produce too much soot that can block the unit’s flue (the main filtering duct for waste gases and smoke). Most larger closed-type multi-fuel stove users prefer smokeless fuel sources, such as anthracite and taybrite, because of its efficiency and convenience in maintaining clean air in the space.

However, some multi-stove users point out that smokeless fuels are made of less volatile materials, making them harder to light. This can be a major inconvenience during the colder months, such as the beginning of December. You may need to have more experience before you use smokeless fuels, and it’s best to consult with our team at Stove Scotland to provide you with the necessary information you need on smokeless fuels and the appropriate multi-fuel stove. 

Popular Fuel Choices: Wood or Coal? 

When you think about open flames like fireplaces and grills, you may automatically associate it with wood or coal since it’s popular and easy to source. At the same time, did you know that there are also different types of wood and coal that you can use? However, what should you consider when choosing for your multi-fuel stove? 

For wood and coal, you need to consider its pricing and availability, especially now since there are different fuels made available in the market. For example, you may want a particular wood chip variant that works well for you, but it may not be readily available in your area. Ensure that you have enough supply of wood or coal, depending on your budget. 

Our team at Stove Scotland can provide you with the information you need about wood and coal. We can also provide a number of viable, cost-effective multi-fuel stoves for your space

Petroleum Coke and Mixed Fuels

Petroleum Coke or “petcoke” was introduced to many UK multi-fuel stove users as the ideal fuel due to its high calorific value, cheap price point, and impressively low ash content. However, there have been instances where it was connected to the damage of steel and iron fire-box parts. This is why most multi-fuel stove manufacturers and users now recommend a 50/50 mix of other fuels. 

Since its popularity, petroleum coke prices have now increased due to its high demand, which is why it’s recommended to look into a possible blend of fuels. Doing so will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of different fuels to maximise your unit. You can also refer to the Heating Equipment Testing and Approvals Scheme’s (HETAS) guide for different types of fuel sources!

Furthermore, you can contact our team to talk you through the HETAS guide and provide you with professional recommendations for your multi-fuel stove. 


There are many viable fuel options for multi-fuel stoves perfect for your home. You just need to find the right one and consult with multi-stove professionals to guide you through the process. Take note of all the previously mentioned fuel options and find your best multi-fuel stove today that can enhance your experiences. 

Are you in need of professional multi-fuel stoves in Scotland? We at Stove Scotland can provide you with that. We have a dedicated team of professional stove experts to ensure that you get the perfect multi-fuel stove for your home. Consult with us today to find the best stove for you!

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