How to Make the Most Out of Your Wood Burning Stove

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Wood Burning Stove

At home, you want a space that can accommodate your personal level of comfort, especially during the winter season. Thankfully, you can achieve this using a wood burning stove. 

Wood fires may simultaneously make a space feel cosier, warmer, and brighter. Even though today’s wood burners are significantly more efficient than in the past, knowing how to get the most heat out of them is critical, especially as the colder months roll in 

Read on to discover our tips on how to make the most out of your wood burning stove.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Wood Burning Stove

Use Well-Aged and Seasoned Wood

Unseasoned wood is more difficult to fire, burns hotter, and emits less smoke than seasoned wood. As such, choose wood that has been allowed to season if you want to get the most heat out of your wood-burning stove or fireplace. 

Seasoned firewood has a moisture content of no more than 20% since it has been dried for an extended length of time. Burning wood with a higher moisture content would require more energy from your stove, resulting in a reduction in the quantity of heat produced.

Extend the Burning Time

Maintaining a fire in your wood burner is another step you can take to maximise the amount of heat it produces. It is preferable to aim for a layer of hot wood with a few logs burning on top to create red-hot embers that will generate a significant amount of heat rather than waiting until the fire is completely extinguished. If you overfill your stove, you risk damaging it and squandering fuel since the heat will escape up the chimney.

Improve Ventilation and Let the Air Circulate

One way to improve ventilation is to close the door of your wood stove. If you keep it open, the stove will have a harder time dispersing heat evenly and will be less efficient overall.

You may adjust how much air flows through the vents by closing the stove door. Primary and secondary air vents are commonly found on stoves. After starting a fire in your stove, gradually close the primary air vent so that the secondary vent can take over fire control. Because your stove cannot produce heat without air, you must always keep the secondary air vent open. 

However, if you leave it open too long, the heat may not be spread evenly throughout the room. You will be able to develop a solution that is agreeable to both sides after you have a greater understanding of your stove.

Distribute the Heat Using a Stove Fan

Using a stove fan can help you quickly distribute the heat when using a stove. The fan linked to your range stops hot air from rising by circulating it instead of allowing it to rise naturally.

Maintain Your Wood Burning Stove

Cleaning out your stove of any excess ash or debris on a regular basis can assist in preventing clogs. To get the most out of your chimney, we also recommend cleaning it regularly or once a year, depending on how much you use your wood burning stove.


Using a wood burning stove is an excellent way to keep your home safe and warm during the winter months. At the same time, knowing how to properly use and maintain your wood burning stove can help you maximise your investment. With these tips in mind, spending time indoors during the colder months can make your time worthwhile.

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