How to Best Maximise Your Wood-Burning Stove’s Performance

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How to Best Maximise Your Wood-Burning Stove’s Performance

Wood-burning stoves work wonders for every home. Not only do they come with beautiful, sleek designs, but they also offer a wide range of functionality. Additionally, wood-burning stoves are built to deliver higher performance for efficient heat production, offering up to 3x more heat even with only a few pieces of firewood. 

Today, efficiency is as important as the appearance or usability of a wood stove in Scotland. After all, it’s important to be more environmentally conscious, so sustainable products, appliances, and systems are always the best options. 

The good news is that wood is 100 percent biodegradable, easy to find, and adds a rustic feel to your home. What’s more, most wood-burning stoves emit very low amounts of carbon and are very energy efficient.

Are you interested in getting a wood-burning stove for your house? Before you make your purchase, make sure to reckon its full functionality first! Keep on reading to find helpful, fantastic ways to maximise your stove’s performance. 

Below are the best ways to get the most out of your wood-burning stove. 

How to Best Maximise Your Wood-Burning Stove’s Performance

Step 1: Pick the Best Spot 

One of the first considerations before you purchase anything is to find the right spot for your stove installation. For instance, you’ll need a chimney for a free-standing wood-burning stove. This might be a little tricky, though, so you may need advice from a professional.

Step 2: Choose The Right Size 

Make sure to pick a stove that will fit the size of your space. Be wary, as some smaller size wood-burning stoves may come with unreasonable prices. 

If you need help measuring the precise size, you’ll need to get the exact, reasonable prices, then make sure to consult with stove fitters in Scotland

Step 3: Choose The Correct Fuel Type 

It’s recommended to go for dry wood with a moisture content of 15 to 20 per cent, so keep this in mind when choosing wood. Note that different types of wood have varying heat values. For example, oak and maple produce high heat quickly, while hemlock and white pine aren’t quite at that level. 

Step 4: Tidy Up Your Chimney 

Entrapment of dirt in your chimney may suck up the heat and restrict airflow to the fire. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your chimney will do good for your wood-burning stove. 

Step 5: Build Just The Right Fire

Need help building a fire more efficiently and skillfully? Here are some tips from our experts at Stove Scotland: 

  • Use two or more logs.
  • Keep the logs close together; put the bigger logs at the bottom and the smaller ones on top.
  • Make sure there is sufficient airflow.
  • Light the fire from the kindling at the top. 

While this process requires meticulous precision, practice makes perfect! Or better yet, ask help from a professional who handles wood-burning stove installations. 

Step 6: Don’t Stack Too Much Wood 

Check for thick and dark smoke so you can save more of your fuel. Remember to add small pieces of wood along with your regular blocks to maintain a consistent temperature.  

Step 7: Manage Ventilation 

Ensure that the air vents are closed to allow for the fire to keep burning. Regularly checking and managing the airflow leads to much less waste. 

Step 8: Remove The Ashes 

When you kill the fire, make sure to clean out most of the ashes. You can leave just a little to support future burning processes. 


Wood-burning stoves can do so much as they are designed to provide needed warmth efficiently. Overall, one great way to maximise your stove’s performance is to maintain it regularly and ask for help from professionals. Make sure to have your stove and chimney checked and cleaned by experts at least once every year. Hopefully, these tips and tricks can help you save more energy, reduce waste, and enjoy the full benefits that a wood-burning stove offers.

If you need help setting up your wood-burning stove, reach out to us here at Stove Scotland. We prioritise delivering reliable services such as fireplace installation and maintenance at an affordable price. We’ll make sure that your stove perfectly fits the style and dimensions of your room. Contact us today! 

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