Home Eating With Wood Stoves: 4 Reasons It’s The Better Choice

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Home Eating With Wood Stoves: 4 Reasons It’s The Better Choice

Wood-burning stoves were an invention in Europe during the 16th century, but its timeless design and purpose have made it a renaissance among modern homes. The furnace has seen various improvements in its design, and it remains a hot commodity to this day thanks to its unrivaled friendliness to the environment. 

It perfectly matches your central heating system as a complementary unit, but it can also make for an attractive, standalone heater in a room. Now that the colder months are approaching, the list below explores why a wood-burning stove is the best choice for heating your home. 

Home Eating With Wood Stoves: 4 Reasons It's The Better Choice

Benefit #1: Exceptional Heating Source 

There’s no doubt that the fire you get from wood-burning stove tops are hotter, meaning that the heat can quickly and effectively spread throughout the room. Despite the old-world inspirations, the radiant heat emanates from all sides of the unit, making it better at warming the room than a vent system. 

Benefit #2: Eco-Friendly 

Modern wood-burning stoves consider its impact on the environment, so today’s designs are tailored to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standards. Older stovetops could release a whopping 30 grams of smoke per hour, but it is now refined to a sustainable number of 2 grams of smoke per hour. 

Not to mention, wood is significantly more eco-friendly than fossil fuels since it is carbon-neutral, which means the smoke doesn’t increase the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Amidst the process of combusting the wood, the natural balance remains intact. 

Benefit #3: Efficient And Reliable 

Open fireplaces can be wasteful since the large space delivers only 25 percent efficiency, while a wood burner can be 80 percent efficient. This can help save thousands of dollars in your electricity bills since it only costs a third of the price of a kWh of oil or gas. 

Not to mention, wood-burning stoves can also be a reliable heating source even during a power outage, allowing you to stay warm and comfortable around the clock regardless of your electricity supply. 

Benefit #4: Stunning Decorative Addition 

Wood-burning stoves pack as much panache as it is practical, making it an attractive unit that can complement your decor. Whether you choose sleek and straightforward designs for understated elegance or opt for a rustic look to add a vintage charm to your contemporary home, it’s a stunning addition that can enhance both the form and functionality of your space. 

The Bottom Line: Exploring The Timeless Benefits Of Wood Burning Stove 

Wood burning stoves are making a hot comeback, promising to take the lead by providing higher efficiency compared to other heating sources like fireplaces. What was once a relic is now quickly becoming the better choice as new generations of wood-burning stoves prove to be eco-friendlier than its predecessors, reviving its place in the market. 

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