Some of the Best Firewood Alternatives for a Stove

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Some of the Best Firewood Alternatives for a Stove

There are a number of unique objects that you may use as alternatives to traditional firewood. While firewood will always be the most preferred ‘fuel’ for stoves, there are times when you may run out of them, so there is no shame in using alternatives instead.

If you want to get creative during those emergency situations, look no further than our suggestions below.

Some of the Best Firewood Alternatives for a Stove

1. Garden Trees and Shrubs

Whenever things got out of hand, many people turned to trees and shrubs in their yards and gardens as an alternative to power. It wasn’t easy for those who didn’t have a chainsaw or gas to power it, but neighbours cooperated by sharing tools, gas, and sometimes labour. Some people even traded firewood for help.

The main way to gather wood in the past was by using an axe or a handsaw. This was usually a daily chore, as wood was needed for many things. One issue with using mostly unseasoned, green wood was that it would burn quickly unless it was bundled tightly.

2. Rolled Paper Logs

Some people with a lot of paper created logs out of it by tightly rolling it up. The paper they used could be from anything like newsprint, magazines, books, and phonebooks to just regular garbage.

Some people simply sat down and rolled their paper logs by hand. Baling wire was sometimes used to bind the paper logs, but string, rubber bands, and anything else that would bind the paper tightly were used.

Paper logs are not as durable as wood logs, but they burn hotter and can help maintain heat in an emergency.

3. Lumber Scraps

Lots of people have wood leftovers from when they renovated their basements or put in new hardwood floors. These pieces are usually saved for small projects. But people affected by the ice storm used them to ensure their homes were safe.

One downside to using these types of wood is that they burn hot and fast, which can be a problem if you’re using them in a fireplace. They also tend to spit and spark a lot, so you need to be careful if you’re using them around a fireplace.

That said, a fireplace is not a very efficient way to heat a room because a lot of the heat produced by the fire goes up the chimney.

4. Damaged Furniture

We all have some old furniture in our homes that we don’t use anymore. When a storm hits, people often throw these old desks and cabinets into the woodstove or fireplace. However, this wood often sparks and spits, and depending on the type of wood; it can burn quickly.

5. Rolled Rag-Logs

This method of creating a fire is very extreme and should only be used as a last resort. To create this fire, you will need to gather natural materials such as cotton or wool rags, twigs, and bark. Once you have these materials, you will need to tightly bind them together to create a log. Once you have your log, you will need to set it on fire. Be sure to only use this method as a last resort, as burning synthetic materials is just as bad as burning plastic.


Overall, there are a variety of firewood alternatives you can use for your stove. Some of the best are hardwood pellets, newspapers, online firewood delivery, and compost. It’s important to select the right option for your needs and to research the best alternatives for your specific stove.

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