Amazing Ways to Make Your Wood Stove Last for Centuries

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Amazing Ways to Make Your Wood Stove Last for Centuries

Wood stoves are essentially simple machines that provide heat to a home when the owner needs it the most. They are controlled fires, and they require regular maintenance to ensure they maintain their efficiency.

Regardless of how efficient your stove is, you will still have ash. There are several ways to remove ash from your wood stove; one of the most common methods is with a shovel and a bucket placed outside in a safe area. The tools should be made of metal and withstand high temperatures.

All wood stove stoves need to be cleaned regularly; even the most efficient design will leave ash residue behind. Using the essential tools of an ash shovel and an ash bucket, you can make sure your stove is clean. 

You must also prepare enough space in the wood stove so the bucket can withstand high temperatures; this bucket should be placed outside and away from anything flammable.

Amazing Ways to Make Your Wood Stove Last for Centuries

Amazing Ways to Make Your Wood Stove Last for Centuries

Most maintenance must be done while the stove is not in use so that there is little danger of burning yourself as you work on the stove. Some aspects you need to check consistently include:

The Doors and Gaskets

You should inspect the firebox door for an airtight seal. The first step is to check the rubber gasket on the metal door. One of the easiest ways to prevent this is using a money bill. Shut and lock the firebox door, then place the dollar halfway between the gasket and door. 

Gently pull on the dollar bill and see how much resistance you feel. If there is little resistance, you’ll need to replace the rubber gasket. Nowadays, rubber gaskets are made from a fibreglass material that can tolerate high temperatures.

One way to clean and inspect the glass window in your firebox door is to wipe it down with a damp rag and an ammonia-based cleaner. This will remove the white ash that sometimes collects at the edges of your glass window. 

However, if brown stains appear on your glass, you might need to buy a wood stove glass cleaner; these stains often form when your stove is not burning correctly. These brown stains are from wet or green wood, slow-burning fires, inefficient combustion, or excessive creosote in pine wood.

The Chimney and Flue

Hire a chimney sweep that comes out once a year to eliminate creosote buildup, which results from low- and slow-burning fires and releases copious smoke and particulate matter. When these hit the cold stove pipes connected to the chimney, smoke and particles are more likely to form creosote. 

Ensure your wood stove’s fire is good, hot, and consistent to prevent this. Some other factors can cause creosote buildup: a fire that’s too hot and warps the firebox or causes other parts of the stove to bend over time. Of course, a fire suppressant may also be applied to put out a chimney fire if creosote buildup is significant. The best solution is to purchase creosote cleaning logs and use them during regular fires to clear out the creosote while it burns away.

Prevent Rust Like This

Prep the wood stove by painting it with a heat-resistant coating. Make sure the paint is dry before lighting a fire inside. Start a fire even if it’s summer — this will help you test if it’s working correctly.


There are many different kinds of wood stoves, each with its unique features. If your stove has a feature like a catalyst, firebrick, soapstone or other options, then check your owner’s manual for recommended maintenance. Find a nice warm day and check to see that everything is working correctly. You’ll sleep better at night with these tips, knowing your stove is tip-top shape!

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