6 Common Wood Burner Myths, Debunked and Explained

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6 Common Wood Burner Myths, Debunked and Explained

Aside from being a truly sustainable option for heating the home, wood burners provide a warm and cosy feel to any living space. However, many remain misinformed about facts surrounding the use and effects of wood burners. 

This post serves as a compilation of common misconceptions about the use of wood burners. Hopefully, it will shed some much-needed light on the matter. 

6 Common Wood Burner Myths, Debunked and Explained

Myth #1: Burning Wood Harms the Environment

Wood burners are only capable of emitting the amount of carbon that a tree absorbed in its lifetime. This means that as long as you choose the right kind of wood, it is unlikely to damage the environment. It is definitely less harmful than burning fossil fuels. In fact, modern wood burners have new technologies that reduce emissions, including clean-burn systems. Fully seasoned logs must be used between 25% to 30% moisture content. This allows for clean burning results. 

While wood burners are deemed safe for the environment, it is important to note that burning any fuel emits CO. If you wish to install a wooden stove, installing a carbon monoxide detector is a regulation you need to follow. 

Myth #2: Wood Burners Cannot Be Used in Smoke-Free Spaces

As mentioned above, modern wood burners are equipped with clean-burn technology. This enables a higher output of heat mixed with low emissions. This means that wood burners can be used within smoke-controlled areas. Of course, this is all dependent on fuel selection. A good example of this is the Worcester Bosch Greenstyle Stove. 

Myth #3: Anyone Can Fit a Wood Burner

No. Only HETAS-trained professionals should fit your wood burner, as any inexperienced personnel can pose danger to you and the members of your home. There is an increased risk of harmful leaks, and burners are never suitable for DIY installation. 

It is always recommended to contact professional stove fitters in Scotland, to ensure that you are getting a fully licensed and qualified expert to do the installation. 

Myth #4: An Open Fire Can Provide More Heat Than a Burner

It doesn’t. An open fire loses four-fifths of its heat as it escapes through the chimney. A wood burner only loses between 15%-30% when the door is closed. It is also important to note that a wood burner can heat the whole house. The combination of a back boiler installation with central heating could provide warmth in all rooms of your home. 

Myth #5: Wood Burners Are Hard to Clean and Maintain

There are wood delivery services that can bring wood to your home. The clean-burn technology enables wood stoves to remain cleaner than before as it blows hot air downwards. This avoids any unnecessary build-up within the unit. 

Myth #6: You Always Have to Clean a Wood Burner Before Putting in New Wood

This is incorrect. Wood burner installers will suggest that it is always better to have a layer of ash if you wish to start a new fire. The existing layer of ash holds fire and prolongs its life. 


While there will always be misconceptions about wood burners, they provide nothing but benefits to any household. They give warmth and act as a better option for heating. It also adds value to your home. 

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