5 Ideal Ways to Maintain a Safe Wood Burning Stove at Home

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5 Ideal Ways to Maintain a Safe Wood Burning Stove at Home

When installing any item in your home, safety should always come first. This applies to anything, from washing machines to toasters. However, no home appliance is more hazardous than a wood-burning or multi-fuel stove.

Without proper installation, your stove could push through blocked air vents to no avail. This could lead to potentially dangerous build-ups of carbon monoxide in your home.

Besides the potential carbon monoxide poisoning, they are a source of heat and, to a large extent, a source of your home’s energy. For this reason, they need to be installed and used responsibly to prevent potential fire hazards.

5 Ideal Ways to Maintain a Safe Wood Burning Stove at Home

Here are five ideal ways to have a safe wood burning stove at home:

1. Maintain Adequate Ventilation

You need to make sure that air can get into your home through any windows or doors and then circulate your home. This is especially important during the winter when the stove will be in most demand. 

If you live in a home with more than one level, you may need to consider the installation of an exceptional ventilator on your roof.

2. Clean All the Flues Regularly

When a wood-burning stove is used, dust can quickly build up in the pipes and clean it regularly. Failure to do so can lead to clogs and potentially dangerous carbon monoxide build-up.

3. Make Sure Any Stove You Purchase Is Certified

A credible manufacturer reviews any stove you purchase from their store to ensure that it built according to industry standards. This is why you need to be wary about purchasing second hand units.

When you purchase a used stove, you will have no way of knowing what the furnace has been used for and where it has been. Unless you can effectively determine its quality or if its warranty still stands, it’s best to look for a brand new model.

4. Keep Ample Space between Your Stove and Flammable Objects

It would be best if you placed your wood-burning stove well away from flammable objects. Flammable and combustible materials are anything made out of foam or fabric.

One metre away from the stove would be enough to lessen the risk of starting a devastating fire. Additionally, ensure that any vents for your stove are well above the level of the flame and that any heat generated does not build up around it. 

5. Have Your Stove Serviced Regularly

A properly maintained and serviced stove will last you longer than one that is not. This should be done not just when it acts up, but regularly to detect potential issues.

It is essential that the flue is free from any build-ups and that it is cleaned at regular intervals to ensure that there is adequate airflow. This is why a pre-emptive service is always better than calling for repairs.


There are now plenty of wood-burning stoves built to the highest safety standards and offer an efficient and effective way of heating a home. However, it’s not something that you can do yourself. To maintain your safety, leave the wood burning stove installation to professionals and select the best service provider around. This would mean choosing Stove Scotland!

We will ensure that your stove will perfectly fit the style and dimensions of your room without worrying about having a chimney. If you need professional stove installers in Edinburgh, contact us now!

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