5 Best Methods to Produce More Heat From a Wood Stove

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5 Best Methods to Produce More Heat From a Wood Stove

Wood stoves are one of the best sources of heat in homes, especially during winter. The heat emitted from the heater itself is an excellent way to bring the indoor temperature back to normal, but sometimes it isn’t enough. But what can households do to generate as much heat as possible from the heater?

5 Best Methods to Produce More Heat From a Wood Stove

1. Keep the Doors Closed

It’s understandable for people to want to crack open the door so that they can see the outdoors while enjoying the heat indoors. However, opening the doors can allow the cold air in and cool up the room again. Never leave an open again, even an inch—it’s best to close it entirely. But if you need to breathe fresh air, open the door only until the desired temperature.

2. Adjust the Flame

Another option people can do to generate more heat is to adjust the flame. Most wood stoves have enough room to accommodate more logs to ignite. As a result, the heater can produce more heat by burning more logs in the process.

First, ignite the wood stove and wait until the flame becomes steady then remove the grates to access the firebox. People can adjust the height of the flame by placing or removing wood pieces to achieve the desired temperature. However, remember to let the flame consume the wood pieces slowly. Adding too many logs at a time can decrease the speed at which they burn, generating heat slower.

3. Fire Up the Fan

The easiest way to amp up the heat in a room is by using a fan near the woodstove. Fans are a good way to add on some heat, especially when the temperature is starting to get a little bit cold. They produce a breeze that can reach a certain distance from the source, which is why they are ideal for bringing the temperature back to the ideal numbers.

Meanwhile, fanning the heater itself should also help with increasing the heat indoors. The idea of using air to make the wood burn faster is a quick yet effective way to boost the temperatures to a level that’s cosy and comfortable.

4. Install Heating System

Another alternative measure to always have heat indoors is to install a heating system. Rather than installing the heating system prior to getting the wood stoves, it’s better to install the two together. If you only have the heater, then consider installing the heating system.

Although a wood stove heater is good on its own, it can still produce more heat through a powerful heating system. For homeowners, it’s best to consider the idea of installing a radiator or a thermostat indoors to generate more heat for the property.

5. Build a Chimney

One of the most obvious solutions to supplement a wood stove heater is to build a chimney. A chimney helps by increasing the airflow in the home, making the heat produced by a wood stove feel warmer.

However, the construction of a chimney can become too expensive. Also, there are various considerations needed to ensure that the placement of the amenity can support the house and not ruin its overall integrity.


Although winter is a great time to be at home and chill with family, it is also one of the most difficult seasons to manage. But with the help of a wood stove to produce heat indoors, the holidays will surely become cosier and feel like home.

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