4 Tips to Improve Your Stove’s Lifespan and Efficiency

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4 Tips to Improve Your Stove’s Lifespan and Efficiency

Stoves, whether wood-burning or multi-fuel, are made to be sturdy and durable. This has caused many homeowners who have such stoves to leave them as is throughout their entire lifetime. 

However, the truth is that, while stoves are made to last, there are many things you can do to extend their lifespan and even improve their performance. Also, stoves are susceptible to damage. If you do not take care of yours and let problems develop, it can start to perform poorly and eventually break down.

4 Tips to Improve Your Stove's Lifespan and Efficiency

If you want to maximise your stove in terms of efficiency and lifespan, here is what you can do: 4 Tips to Improve Your Stove’s Lifespan and Efficiency

1. Check the ash pan

After using your stove, you may be tempted to leave the ash pan as is. While this may not present a problem immediately, leaving it unattended will allow the ash to pile up. Over time, a large pile of ash can build up below the grate, exposing it to high temperatures. This can cause the grate to distort, which can negatively affect the performance and safety of the stove. To avoid this headache, remember to empty the ash pan after every use.

2. Clean the glass fitting

Most modern stoves will have glass fittings in front to allow light to enter the surrounding area and enable you to peer inside it. Unfortunately, as you use the stove more frequently, the glass can become dirtier and cloudier. If this is left unaddressed, it will impact the stove’s aesthetics and even damage it.

While many stoves have a system in place to keep the glass clean, you will need to clean it manually from time to time. To do so, grab some newspaper and some vinegar to scrub the glass clean! Avoid using any abrasive products to ensure the glass does not get scratched.

3. Look for signs of rust

Rust is always a bad sign. If you find signs of corrosion forming on your stove, you should treat it right away. You can use wire wool to scrape the rust away and paint over the affected area to restore its original appearance. Be sure to be thorough with the scraping because it can come back even worse than before if you miss any spots.

4. Check the rope seals

Your stove will have rope seals built around and inside it to ensure its internal environment is separate from the outside. If the seal is broken, the heat will come out of the stove uncontrollably, making the stove less efficient and the surrounding area hotter than usual. Be sure to check around your stove for any signs of damaged seals. If there are any, change them right away. 


While meant to be durable and strong, your stove will still need tender love and care to maximise its performance and lifespan. Follow the tips we have shared above to check your stove for potential issues and carry out the necessary fixes.

If you find more problems besides simple rust and believe that you cannot tackle them yourself, do not hesitate to hire professionals to care for your stove. While it is certainly an investment to work with experts, they will be able to give your stove the care it needs to function at maximum performance.

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